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EAI International Conference on Computer Science and Engineering

November 3–4, 2017 | Bangkok, Thailand

Evolutionary Algorithms as a Dynamical Complex Systems

Recent Advances and Progress


Professor Dr. Ivan Zelinka

Department of Computer Science

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science VŠB-TUO

17. listopadu 15, 708 33 Ostrava-Poruba, Czech Republic,


This tutorial is focused on recent progress (after 4 years of research and support of the fundamental research grant) in mutual intersection of a few interesting fields of research whose core topic are evolutionary algorithms in general. It discusses recent progress in evolutionary algorithms that can be considered discrete dynamical complex system with inherent nonlinear dynamics that is visualized and analyzed as a complex network and CML (coupled map lattices) systems. As already reported in many research papers and books, this dynamics can generate different kinds of behavior including chaotic one and can be visualized as a complex geometrical structure. In the tutorial there will be explained relations between evolutionary dynamics, their visualization as a complex network and actual state of our novel methods of their control.

Selected evolutionary algorithms in this tutorial will be differential evolution, genetic algorithm, particle swarm, Bee algorithm, and others. Methodology, converting evolutionary algorithms to the complex network will be introduced including demonstrations. Relation between complex networks parameters, including their time dependence, and evolutionary dynamics will be explained.

Tutorial will then continue by explanation how evolutionary dynamics san be converted into so called CML systems, that are used to model spatiotemporal behavior (including chaotic one) and there will be explained its relation to complex networks (i.e. to evolutionary dynamics). At the end will be demonstrated how we can control EAs dynamics by means of feedback loop control scheme.

Reported methodology and results are based on actual state of art (that is a part of this tutorial) as well as on our own research.

Tutorial is designed as an introduction; no advanced or expert knowledge from complex networks, chaos and control is expected. Its structure, results and content is based on our previous research, journal publications, keynotes and tutorials and reflect the latest progress on that field.

Tutorial structure:

·         Evolutionary algorithms – is evolutionary algorithm a dynamical system?

·         Evolution as a complex (social-like) network – how can be EA converted to complex network and what benefit we can get? Analysis, control…

·         Visualization of evolution as a CML system – EA and its complex network counterpart can be also converted to the CML system. What analysis and controllability of EA can be done on this? Does EAs generate chaos in its internal dynamics? What are relations with EA performance and special regimes inside EA dynamics (chaos, hidden attractors, etc…)

·         Conclusion – EAs can be viewed, analyzed and controlled like complex networks and CML systems.


Time of duration: 1.5 - 2hrs

Ivan Zelinka

Ivan Zelinka (born in 1965, is currently associated with the Technical University of Ostrava (VSB-TU), Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He graduated consequently at the Technical University in Brno (1995 - MSc.), UTB in Zlin (2001 - Ph.D.) and again at Technical University in Brno (2004 - Assoc. Prof.) and VSB-TU (2010 - Professor).

Prof. Zelinka is responsible supervisor of several grant researches of Czech grant agency GAČR as for example Unconventional Control of Complex Systems,  Security of Mobile Devices and Communication (bilateral project between Czech and Vietnam) and co-supervisor of grant FRVŠ - Laboratory of parallel computing amongst the others. He was also working on numerous grants and two EU projects as member of team (FP5 - RESTORM) and supervisor (FP7 - PROMOEVO) of the Czech team. He is also head of research team NAVY

Prof. Zelinka was awarded by Siemens Award for his Ph.D. thesis, as well as by journal Software news for his book about artificial intelligence. He is a member of the British Computer Society, Machine Intelligence Research Labs (MIR Labs -, IEEE (committee of Czech section of Computational Intelligence), a few international program committees of various conferences, and three international journals. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief of a new book series entitled Emergence, Complexity and Computation (Springer series 10624, see also